Sunday, March 28, 2010

Argggg~ Supposely to be in korea now and appearantly 'NOPE'~! Darn it lahz~ i'm so eager to get outta s'pore but there is alway some slight "N O" no thing!

Bad luck seems to be floating ard me and maybe it's just the way i think~! Hmmm.... Lost quite a huge amount of $$$$ to Casino.... I am really not some big gambler that can win losta money and therefore I am so not going in and gamble again^^. ( Action speaks louder than words right? )

It's already coming to the end of MARCH, i am awaiting for my NS letter to arrive and also working like there is no tml! ANyway, celebrated the BUggers MARCh BABIES b'day!!!! It's alway nice to have buggErs ard^^. If the world is gonna end tml, bugGers will be one of the bestie that i would think of~!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brand New -_- again~

This is like the 3rd blog that i have created i guess, the rest i have deleted it so don't really bother much about those past posting.

Hmmm.... nothing much to blog about but just to say 'I NEED TO GAIN MORE WEIGHT' & this is not as easy like what u think cause this fellow here just eat like no1 business and it just doesn't work for him. So i believe i need to eat more than what is expected right? oH~ btw, pple have been saying that i slim down quite alot and the thing is i really didn't do anything to slim down.... is either my body is hyper-active or probably i am down with some illness (Cchoyyy arZ) hahaha....

Planning to go for a short break either to hong kong/bangkok/genting and if possible all 3! BUt as u know, i don't have that kinda money especially when i am trying to earn every cent by myself^^. OH ya, i am NOT going for the korea trip with the school and appearantly there is a reason for it. YEa, Pple know i was damn into this trip and they were like 'WTH, u don't want to go!' It's too bad~ I don't feel comfortable at all~

Alright~ i need to shower up and meet with that huijie to watch 'ALICE in THE WONDERLAND'----> CAn anyone tell me why is all the character so creepy in that show? I kinda freak out!!!! & i feel kinda awkard watching movie with hj.... hahah!